Flitescooter Electric Hydrofoil

Jun 8, 2023

Introducing Flitescooter, the latest electric hydrofoil made by Flite. Designed with convenience and accessibility in mind, Flitescooter features removable handlebars, making efoiling easier than ever before. With the thumb throttle, you can effortlessly manage your speed, ensuring a smooth ride. Track your ride data through the user-friendly Flite Controller, which provides real-time information at your fingertips. Enhancing safety, Flite App allows you to designate 'safe areas' before your ride, ensuring you stay within predefined boundaries. If you venture beyond your designated Fly Zone, Flitescooter has got you covered with an alert system that prompts you to slow down to a safe speed. Flitescooter incorporates a wireless safety key that utilizes Bluetooth to recognize when you're not on the board, automatically cutting off the power for added peace of mind. Experience the next evolution of hydrofoil technology with Flitescooter, the ultimate combination of innovation, convenience, and safety.